Ray Turner: good man-bad man, great painter.

OK so I confess to be a shameless groupie. Wanted to fly to Tacoma for his show at the glass museum but was unable to. It is exciting to see that he is expanding his Population series to include more of his improvisational works which take his portraiture deeper, below the skin of his subjects. It is just a short trip from his more literal works and is a satisfying progression to experience. It’s as if his paintings have morphed into the Dorian Gray souls that were lurking just under the skin of his original Population subjects. His latest book, Good Man Bad Man is out. I have ordered it and can’t wait to see it. Wish it was hardcover. I am tough on his books since I look through them so often. Wish he would have a show in the Los Angeles area. Missed the Long Beach show in 2011.
The video film shows him making his loose yet precise brush strokes and best of all shows his palette which is a veritable ocean of thick color mixtures seemingly chaotic but that come together under his guidance in paintings that are like great jazz for the eye. You start with the form that draws you in and end up marveling at the color riffs that are like pieces of living flesh that has been smeared onto the canvas.

Ray if you see this message tell us how we can see you in southern California. Is your Pasadena studio ever open to the public?
ray turner good bad2
For now the best you can do is to go to rayturner.usray turner good bad3ray turner good bad2ray turner good bad1

~ by ALTERSPACE on February 4, 2013.

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