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A painting by Itir Orcuun using suminagashi technique in oil color printed directly from the water onto canvas and then over-painted. see my link to her video.

A Suminagashi is a painting technique. Paint, ink or pure pigments are suspended in thickened water and manipulated to form patterns. Marbleized patterns or actual objects, even portraits are floated on the water and then mono-printed onto paper, cloth, leather or even stretched canvas. An excellent background for a painting, especially Anime.  

Watch the the many u-tube demonstrations listed under Suminagashi, Ebru Art, Islamic Collage, or paper marbleling. Heidi Finley gives some excellent instruction. Wikipedia offers lists of materials. Dick Blick has a kit for  $14.99 and also has an instructional video on u-tube.

One of my favorites is one by Itir Orcum using oil paint that is floated on water thickened with probably wallpaper paste. A stretched canvas is dipped in the water to transfer the paint and then the artist paints over that pattern. just Google Itir Orcun suminagashi or try this link: paint.

There is a college of Islamic art that has an excellent video showing some precise painting with this technique:

Also see this written tutorial that you can copy as a pdf. It lists materials and simple techniques.. You can also buy an e-book on Amazon with the basic recipes and techniques for $3.99. You download their Kindle app and can have immediate access

Gerhard Richter

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Richter Self-portrait


Robert Buckminster Fuller a.k.a “Bucky”

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Bucky Fuller was a master of collaboration. Japanese Architect Sadeo collaborated with Fuller on the Montreal dome- he met Fuller as a student when Fuller was lecturing at University of Illinois. Sadeo was also a close friend and collaborator with Isamu Noguchi









Bucky hired an engineer to design a car steered by a rudder like a boat or a plane he called it a 4D car

The first geodesic dome structure ever it was designed by a german engineer who also invented the helicopter this was built after WWI and dismantled by the Nazis prior to WWII as it was built by Jews

Gustav Klimt

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Most people are familiar with this artist from the much reproduced painting “The Kiss” and “Judith”. He was starting to learn painting in 1880 and made his last painting in 1918.

Go to for a multimedia presentation of his work

E Stewart Williams

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Crafton Hills College and E. Stewart Williams-Throwing out the Maloof rocker to make room for the Ikea sofa

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The  Crafton Hills College campus is stunning not only because of its vast open spaces and rolling hills but because of the breathtaking campus core designed by modernist E. Stewart Williiams.  Please visit it before it is gone.  While other colleges strive to preserve their ivy covered walls, lending to the identity and history of the campus,   Crafton’s campus administrators have bond money burning a hole in their pockets and so they have chosen to go to the great expense of demolishing the most important structure on campius to put up a larger but less iconic structure.

They have plenty of other locations in which to place this new building, even other buildings that are not crucial to the campus design theme that would  be far cheaper to demolish and replace.  Demolishing the original  library building will destroy not only a wonderful structure,   the campus core will not have the dramatic and cohesive  ambience  that it has now.  The core buildings have a sculptural quality due to the casting of the concrete in special molds. These are one of a kind buildings desiged as piesces of scupture to fit in to the topography of the site like jewels on a necklace.  They are constructed of custom made materials unique to this place,  not mass-produced modules that one can find in any town anywhere.  So an original piece of art is about to be destroyed to make room for something that is more about value engineering.

It is so nonsensical that it takes my breath away to contemplate how this decision was made.  Right now you can go to Yucaipa and explore the quad of the Crafton Hills College campus and know that you are somewhere  that is a unique place,  a place where you can experience  the sense that there  are people here that care about craft.  The community had taken the public’s money, found an  inspired architect and built an exquisite architectural legacy. The campus administrators should respect the  original vision  and consider building out the rest of Mr. Williams’ campus plan instead of destroying the integrity of the central quad unecessarily.  This reminds ms me of the history of  the inhabitants of the Yucatan written by Bernal Diaz.  Interviewed a mere 60 years after the fall of the Mayan empire, they  knew nothing of the great culture that had built the pyramids in their own backyards.

If the powers that be want to be remembered by putting up a big building with their names on it then place it elsewhere on campus and also be remembered for having the sensitivity to value  a truly original  and iconic example of architecture.

In my next blog I will talk more about the campus design and Mr. Williams’ works.

More on Marlene Dumas

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Dumas’ portraits are painted in an ecletic collection of styles but the ones I love the best convey the most wit the least amount of information. Here are some. I have not put the figures paintings in only because they have a pornographic edge to them and I don’t want to embarass anyone in the class. A couple of these are part of her textart collection using text to make the image. These tend to be large like billboards.